About Us

Disability Professionals is a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to representing individuals with disability claims before the Social Security Administration. Our mission is centered around the belief that all people, regardless of race, age, background or financial circumstance, deserve the opportunity to live full and meaningful lives--even when a severe disability prevents them from obtaining in gainful employment.

At Disability Professionals, we understand the difficult circumstances a person faces as a result of a disabling condition---doctor and hospital bills, pharmacy costs, transportation issues, mortgage payments, utility bills, etc. Having a disability can be overwhelming and can ruin a person financially. When a person chooses Disability Professionals to represent them before the Social Security Administration, our advocates are focused on one thing: getting the benefits our client deserves---and getting them in a timely manner.

Statistics have shown that people represented by an experienced attorney or certified professional representative have been successful more often than people without this level of professional assistance. While not all attorneys practice before the Social Security Administration, our team represents years of experience in not only social security law, but also a wide variety of other practices, such as personal injury, Workers' Compensation, criminal defense, and family law, which often play an important role in the outcome of a disability claim.

Nationally, disability applications are at an all-time high. Coupled with a reduction in the judges and staff needed to make and process decisions, the application and appeal process is an uphill battle. It has never been more important to select a representative that has the knowledge and experience to ensure your claim gets the attention it deserves.
If you are looking for an advocate who is backed by years of experience and a personal commitment to helping people, you have come to the right place---Disability Professionals.