Bone Spurs and Social Security Disability Benefits

by DISABILITY PROFESSIONALS on February 19, 2013

DiscriminationLawWhile the Social Security Administration does not have a specific listing for bone spurs when it comes to classifying a disability for benefits, it is possible to receive benefits, if the bone spurs cause a dysfunction of a joint or a disorder of the spine. Bone spurs can also, depending on where they are located, cause excruciating pain.

Bone spurs are bony growths along the edges of a bone; they tend to form as a result of swelling or damage in and around joints. Arthritis is often cited as one of the causes of bone spurs. These bony growths can cause weakness in the extremities, numbness, severe back pain, severe neck pain, mobility restriction, pain radiating down the arms and legs and tendonitis.

If you can meet the criteria of the SSA’s Blue Book for the disability you claim, it is possible to get disability benefits due to bone spurs.

Getting Legal Help

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