Disabled Blamed for Rise in Unemployment


In recent months, the slight uptick in unemployment has been blamed on the rise on unemployment and major news publications have criticized the Social Security Disability Insurance System. Many have suggested that the entire system needs to be overhauled in order to make disability benefit awards more difficult to obtain.

The erroneous conclusion for unemployment’s rise is that people are filing for SSDI instead of searching for work. The reality is that the largest segment of the workforce has gotten older, i.e. the baby boomers, and the elder workforce has been granted special accommodations by their employers, due to long-standing employee loyalty.

When the economy took a dive, these disabled workers were among the many laid off and were not able to return to a competitive job market. Filing a claim can be a long and arduous process fraught with bureaucratic delays and struggles that can take months to years to complete. As new diagnoses are permitted, others are disqualified: pain and diabetes cannot be used as sole criteria for disability, and mental disorders and HIV standards are tougher.

The Social Security system was already strained and blaming the rise in unemployment numbers is both unfair and stressful for disabled persons. Unfortunately, not everyone that would be entitled to disability benefits applies for them. Many disabled persons try to meet their financial obligations alone and some even end up homeless.

Getting Legal Help

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