Social Security Disability and Drug Addiction

by DISABILITY PROFESSIONALS on February 12, 2013

GavelThe Social Security Administration does not recognize drug addiction as a disability. If you file a claim for a disability based on drug addiction, your claim will be denied, as will any appeal. However, drug addiction with a qualifying condition does not disqualify you from receiving disability benefits.

For example, if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer, and you are addicted to controlled substances, your addiction would not disqualify you from disability benefits for your cancer. Although most Administrative Law Judges frown upon substance abuse of any kind, and addiction makes your case tougher to win, if you are not disabled as a result of your drug addiction, which would be the case in something like terminal cancer, you may still win your claim.

When an ALJ sees drug abuse, they often use it as a means to deny your case; however, with experienced legal representation to present evidence of your disability and your willing to seek treatment for the addiction, you may still get the disability benefits you deserve.

For Further Reading: The Social Security Administration website lists 200 compassionate allowances, which qualify for disability benefits. 

Getting Legal Help

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