Social Security Disability Hearing: Testifying About Your Work Experience

by DISABILITY PROFESSIONALS on November 16, 2012

At Disability Professionals we want you to understand the various questions that the administrative law judge may ask at your Social Security disability hearing. Many questions may focus on your past work experience, so you will want to refresh your memory about the various jobs you may have had and your responsibilities and types of activity involved in each.

You might be asked questions about:

  • Your past work experience for the last 15 years. The judge will want the names of your former employers, dates of employment, job titles and responsibilities for each, the exact dates and length of your employment, the salary history, reason you left and if your medical condition impacted your work performance.
  • Your skills. The judge wants to know what types of skills you used at each job. He or she may ask you if your skills were technical in nature, if you had to use independent judgment to perform your job, if you needed machines, tools or other equipment to perform your duties, or whether your job involved writing reports.
  • The level of physical exertion for each job. The judge wants to know how physical your jobs were and if they required heavy lifting, straining, and what major muscles groups you used to perform your duties.
  • Your stress level. Jobs place mental stress and strain on an individual as well and the judge will want to know how stressful your jobs were.

Although this list isn’t complete, it should help you focus on the types of questions you will need to be prepared for. You may want to start a list of your jobs and jot down a few notes to jog your memory.

Getting Legal Help

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