Testifying About Your Daily Activities for Your Disability Hearing

by DISABILITY PROFESSIONALS on November 29, 2012

At Disability Professionals, we want you to be as prepared as possible for questions the Administrative Law Judge will most likely ask regarding your daily activities. We will discuss your testimony with you before you appear to lessen your anxiety about testifying and help you understand what information the judge is seeking.

The Administrative Law Judge will most likely cover the following subjects in order to understand how your disability affects your daily life and activities:


  • The judge may ask you to describe your typical day from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed and want specific examples of things you do differently now than when you were able to work.

Personal care

  • The judge will want specific examples of changes in your personal care habits because of your disability, such as bathing, dressing, tying shoelaces, and combing your hair. The judge will want to know if you must be reminded to perform your personal care.

Household tasks

  • The judge will want to know if you can manage to perform household duties, such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and yard work or if you require assistance? Have you given up on some household chores? Do you do them less frequently or less thoroughly than you did before? Think about each chore your household requires and be prepared to talk about how you manage it now. Do the chores take longer to perform than they did before your disability? If yes, give examples of tasks that take you a longer time to complete.

Leisure activities

  • The judge will want to know if you are able to participate in leisure or social activities. Are you able to go out to eat? Can you still go to the movies, sporting events, or church? How often do you visit with family and friends? Have you given up any activities because of your disability?

While not all-inclusive, we hope this list has given you some idea of the types of information the judge is seeking in determining how your disability affects your everyday lifestyle.

Getting Legal Help

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